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Ticket Terms and Conditions

All tickets must be pre-booked for specific days as we will no longer be selling tickets at the gate.
All tickets purchased are non refundable and no refunds will be given.

We can transfer tickets to another date and time slot. If you require to move them please email us your order ID number and new date and time slot to or call us on 0131 333144 option 1 

Indoor Activity Centre Rules of Play

 Please always observe the following Conifox Activity Centre rules of play:
1. While Conifox and its employees attempt to ensure the complete safety of our visitors, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to supervise and accompany children on the site with a ratio of one adult for every six children over five and one adult for every three children under five. All children may only use the facility when accompanied by a responsible adult.
2. An adult is classed as a parent or guardian over the age of 18 and the child/children always remains their responsibility when at Conifox. This is for the safety and security of their children.
3. Parents/Guardians know their child’s capabilities and behaviour best and so should ensure an appropriate level of supervision to reflect this.
4. Children/ Adults are required to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts and must wear socks at all times on the play equipment to minimise risk of friction burns or personal injury. 
5. No adults are allowed down the blue slide. 
6. Children/Adults must follow all equipment usage signage displayed.
7. Strictly no smoking or vaping on the premises.
8. No shoes may be worn on the play frame.
9. No climbing up or waiting at the bottom of our slides.
10. No toys from the toddler town are allowed to be taken onto the play frame or removed from the building.
11. Food and drink should be consumed at the tables and should not under any circumstance be taken into the play equipment area. We kindly request that you clear your table to the bins provided after use.
12. Only Food and Drink purchased from Conifox can be consumed in the Activity centre. Picnics only to be consumed outside in the Adventure Park.
13. We advise that children should not go back onto the play equipment after food or drink consumption.
14.  Children who are unwell, or who have been unwell, should not visit for at least 48 hours. Children who become unwell in the activity centre, must leave the activity centre immediately.
15. Parents/Guardians must ensure that children do not become overheated.
16. All personal items such as money should be left with parents/carers. Keys and sharp objects should also be left to avoid injury to your person or damage to equipment. Conifox does not accept responsibility for any personal belongings which are stolen, lost or damaged at any time.
17. Jewellery is worn at your own risk and children wearing glasses should take particular care.
18. All height and age restrictions imposed by the management must be adhered to.
19. Conifox reserves the right to restrict play session if required. This will be communicated to guests before payment is taken on reception or online.
20.  Conifox reserves the right to close any piece of equipment during trading hours for any reason, without notice or compensation. We will endeavour to inform you of a closure prior to a party only. 20. Abusive/aggressive or any other type of behaviour deemed to be unsuitable towards Conifox staff, management, or any other member of the public from either adults or children will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Should members of the public witness any unsuitable behaviour from either adults or children they MUST inform a member of staff immediately who will then resolve the situation. Failure to follow this rule could result in further action being taken by Conifox or individual parties involved.
21. Management reserve the right to refuse entry.

Outdoor Adventure Park Rules of Play


1.Use of go-karts are at your own risk. 
2. All our seats can be adjusted to suit leg lengths on all our karts. Please lift the seat up and move to the correct setting. 
3. Please keep both hands on the steering wheel except when braking. 
4.If you need to stop your kart there are handbrakes on the right-hand side of the go-kart please pull up slowly to make the kart stop. 
5.Our track is a one-way track, please follow the arrows. 
6. Please ride considerately. Do not bump another go-kart. Do not swerve into the path of another go-kart. Do not stop on the track. If you need to stop please steer to the side out of the path of other go-karts. 
7. No walking on the track, please remain behind the fence line if spectating. 
8. Please be mindful of smaller children on the track. 
9. Keep to a safe speed where you are in control of the go-kart at all times. 
10. Most importantly have fun but be safe! 


1. Use of trampoline is at your own risk (11stone/70kg weight limit). 
2. Please jump in the middle of trampoline to avoid injury. 
3. Only one person allowed at a time. 
4. All children must be supervised by an adult. 
5. No acrobatics allowed (including flips & somersaults). Paralysis or death can result if you land on your head or neck. 
6. No jumping off the trampoline onto the grass, please step off. 
7. Do not use the trampoline if you are pregnant, feeling ill or taking medication. 



1. The jump pillow will be closed when it rains. 
2. Avoid jumping near the edge of the jump pillow, there is a risk of injury. 
3. Please remove your shoes, no shoes allowed on the pillow 
4. You must be physically fit – if you have heart or back problems we’d advise not using this apparatus. 
5. No flips or somersaults, paralysis or death can result if you land on your head or neck. 
6. You must keep your feet below your waist when bouncing. 
7. Jump at an arm’s length distance from others at all times. 
8. Observe safety of others, if the pillow is very busy, adults must avoid entering the jump pillow to reduce the risk of injury to others. 
9. Please do not bring toys or other objects into the sand surrounding the jump pillow.
10. Remove jewellery, sharp objects and empty pockets. 
11. No food or drinks on the pillow including chewing gum 
12. 16 stone (101kg) Weight limit 
13. Maximum users 30 
14. Exit jump pillow safely by walking off, do not jump into the sand.

Event Ticket Terms and Conditions

1. Normal Adventure Park entry terms and conditions apply
2. This is an outdoor, all-weather event. Booked tickets cannot be changed due to adverse weather on the day
3. Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable. No refunds or exchanges will be issued for event bookings should you no longer be able to attend
4. Tickets can be given to friends or family if you are no longer able to attend, you do not need to be the named person on the booking
5. Tickets purchased through third party sellers, such as Itison, are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled
6. From time to time we, and third parties to whom we have provided authority, may take photographs and/or video recordings of the premises, including the car parks and surrounding areas, as well as events, which may feature visitors. By purchasing a ticket to the event, you are accepting these terms, and you agree that Conifox Limited or any authorised third party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that all copyright and any other intellectual property rights that subsist in or arise out of these materials shall be absolutely owned by us or such authorised third party (subject to our agreement) as the case may be
7. Conifox Adventure Park will only cancel an event if it is deemed unsafe to attendees, for example, in high winds. If we decide to cancel the event, attendees will be notified by email with as much notice as possible and a full refund will automatically be issued. An email will be sent to the email address used to book the tickets. Attendees will be able to re-book another date subject to availability. It is the responsibility of the attendees to check their emails before arriving at the event to check for any updates, and to make sure email addresses are correctly entered when booking tickets. Updates will also be made on our website and social media sites. 
8. Tickets do not give you admission to the Activity Centre. A separate Activity Centre ticket must be purchased 
9. Tickets give you admission to the Adventure Park during the relevant morning or afternoon slot in which your entry time resides. The time on your ticket is the time of your visit the event but you are free to arrive in the Adventure Park anytime from 9.30am for morning sessions and 1.30pm for afternoon sessions
10. The morning Adventure Park session ends at 1pm for morning sessions and 5pm for afternoon sessions. Those booking on the later slots will be expected to leave the Adventure Park by those times 
11. Conifox Adventure Park reserves the right to change or update event timings and content up to and on the day of the event
12. In addition to the ticket price, a booking fee and processing fee applies. Tickets are electronic only, there is no option to post out tickets. To purchase tickets, you must have a valid and current email address
13. Make sure you check your order for any mistakes and advise us immediately of any errors. Mistakes may not be able to be corrected if it is within 7 days of the event
14. Ticket buyers will be given an opportunity to opt in and receive Conifox Adventure Park e-newsletters. If you choose to subscribe to our e-newsletter updates, your email address will be added to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of each newsletter or by e-mailing 
15. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult
16. All visitors they need to arrive 15 minutes before the time chosen when purchasing tickets. Late arrival is the responsibility of the ticketholder and access to the Easter Festival cannot be guaranteed 
17. We take data security very seriously. You can find out more about how Conifox Adventure Park uses your personal data by e-mailing